Our approach to anti-aging hair care and healthy hair solutions is uniquely customized for everyone that walks through our doors.

HLCC® has been successfully providing hair solutions for men and women since 1987, thanks in part to the expertise of our highly-trained and experienced Doctors, Trichologists and Panel of Hair Experts. With the guidance of our experts, we are well prepared to identify the best solutions for your individual needs.

Our Program


Why You Should Trust HLCC®

Emphasis on Consultation: 

We know that thinning hair can occur in a variety of ways, so we don’t want you to buy a single product without scheduling a consultation first. It is more effective for us to consult with you in our office, but phone consultations are available for individuals unable to visit our office.

Personalized Programs: 

Every client is helped individually by thinning hair experts and have programs designed to fit individual needs. As your anti-aging and hair care progresses, we adjust your program accordingly based on the results we see and your feedback for the most effective results.

Laser Products That Encourage Results: 

Our professional Low Level Light Laser Hair Care Devices are designed with many low level light diodes, encouraging better results - faster than others. At home OTC Cleared laser combs and laser caps, laser helmets, and other home devices are also available for purchase.

Real Thinning Hair Solutions: 

Most telemarketing companies and TV advertisements sell hair transplants or hair systems, hairpieces and wigs, which conceal thinning hair but do not treat it. We offer clinically-proven products, including natural DHT opposing and topical stimulators for hair rejuvenation.

Professional Customer Service: 

You should not expect scripted telemarketers to properly address your individual hair concerns. Our professionals and certified thinning hair consultants are able to answer questions and offer advice based on your specific hair care concerns and needs.


We Provide Male & Female Hair Care:

In some cases, thinning hair in men may need to be handled differently than thinning hair in women. We understand the subtle differences that allow us to better help men and women with thinning hair most effectively.

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